How to Have a Fun Party without Alcohol or Drugs Being Involved

You’re invited … to a party! Parties are a time for socializing, games, and fun. However, some people like to ruin the carefree atmosphere with drugs and alcohol. Many teenagers are curious about the altering effects of drugs and alcohol. They may want to fit in with a crowd or seem cool.

The problem with using drugs or drinking alcohol is the loss of control and the risk for dependence. When you drink or do drugs, you are no longer yourself. You can’t truly experience and enjoy anything while under the influence. Don’t live behind a hazy cloud. Be yourself and really enjoy a party. Here are some ways you can have fun and throw a great party above the influence.

  • Choose a theme. Dress in costumes, styles from a particular era, or just more formally than usual. The potential for fun starts in the wardrobe planning. You can hold a contest for best outfit or even a fashion show. Having something fun to focus on will give everyone something in common to talk about. No need for drugs or alcohol to take the runway.
  • Provide a great spread of food. There’s nothing better than a good meal with good friends. Plan a menu with exotic and comfort foods, go pot luck, or splurge for a fancy caterer. Make the meal the central focus of the party.
  • Some people like the idea of drinking because of the interesting concoctions and mixtures that can be made and garnished with a little umbrella. Go fun and healthy with smoothies or other frozen drinks that don’t need alcohol to perk them up.
  • Plan some games to amp up the fun. Interactive video games let you have a tennis or bowling tournament in your living room. Want to gamble, but not with your health and safety? Set up a poker game with the losers having to clean up. You’ll need all your wits and focus to win. Don’t “deal in” drugs and alcohol.
  • Hook up your iPod and blast the latest tunes. Get everyone on the dance floor. Once you start moving to the beat, you’ll get that natural high. Drugs and alcohol don’t come close to your own natural happiness. Afraid you don’t have the moves? Start the party with some simple lessons to put everyone at ease.
  • Search online for other fun party games that don’t require drinking. Try card games, sports or outdoor games, swimming and pool games, even games that let you swap secrets and dares.

Being a teenager doesn’t last long. Make real memories with your friends that will last. When you’re older looking back, it won’t be much fun to say, “Remember that big summer party…” “No, I don’t remember it because I was drinking and doing drugs.” Make every party one to remember. Be a leader and party without drugs or alcohol. LiveFree can help you get involved.

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