Consequences You Might Not Have Considered

Take a closer look at issues surrounding drug and alcohol use.

You've probably heard about all of the negative consequences to drug and alcohol use, but there may be a few factors that you haven't yet considered. Here are a few more outcomes to think about when it comes to substance abuse:

Losing friendships
When you use drugs and alcohol, the people around you are affected and friendships are often quick to suffer. As your behavior changes and you interact with different peers, you’ll find yourself losing friendships you may have had for a long time. It’s difficult for close friends to see you change the way you look and act as a result of drug and alcohol use. Friends who don’t use will pull away from you.

Bad grades or dropping out
Drugs and alcohol affect your brain. Between these effects and the social issues you’ll face as you spend more time drinking and doing drugs, your grades at school will suffer. Whether you’re finishing up high school or in college, your grades are very important. If you drop out, it will take a huge amount of effort to work your way back to where you were.

Losing financial aid or employment
Behavior related to drug use and alcohol use puts you at risk of losing your job or losing your scholarships and financial aid. If you face disciplinary action at school or work, chances are your situation will change drastically. Some of these marks on your record can stay with you throughout your life, especially if you face legal action.

Hurting your family
Your parents and other family members will struggle as you change from the effects of drinking and doing drugs. Whether you are directly combative towards them or you pull away more subtly, they will be the ones to suffer. Your actions have an impact on many people.

High costs                        
Drugs and alcohol aren’t free. When you use, you’re using a portion of your income or your parents’ income to have a good time. These costs add up quickly and can prevent you from saving any money or paying important bills.

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