Featured LiveFree! Club: Northeast High School

This year, LiveFree! will be featuring High School and Middle School clubs from Bay Area schools. Our first club is the Northeast High School LiveFree! Club.

Number of club members:  34

Year this club began: 2009

How has the Northeast High School LiveFree! Club been involved in the community this year?
“In the LiveFree! Club we work toward making the community a better place. So far this year, we have been responsible for our own booth at Red Ribbon Week (Family Fun Festival) at Vinoy Park; taken part in the NOPE Candlelight Vigil, and collected donations for CASA and cell phone for soldiers. We joined the LiveFree! Club to make a change and encourage fellow classmates to do the same. The events are always a lot of fun and T-shirts aren’t bad either!”   – Katherine S., Destiney S., and Jenny N.

What are your future goals as a LiveFree! Club?
“I joined LiveFree! to help people become aware of drugs and their effect on the mind and body. Hoping maybe they would rethink doing them and/or stop doing them. Being in the LiveFree! club we not only help (with) drug awareness, we try to help the community as a whole.”  – Elycia R. and Breana R.

“I LOVE LiveFree! !!”  – Always, Samantha B.

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