Featured LiveFree! Club: Largo Middle School

This year, LiveFree! will be featuring High School and Middle School clubs from Bay Area schools. Today we're featuring the Largo Middle School LiveFree! Club.

Number of members: 45

Year this club began: 2012

How has the Largo Middle School LiveFree! Club been involved in the community this year?
Attended the NOPE Candlelight Vigil at Largo Central Park in October; a few students attended the Red Ribbon Family Fun Festival with their families in October; Participated in the Great American Teach-In in November, Posted signs throughout the school about being Drug-Free. Made signs for Red Ribbon Month and handed out Twizzlers with a Red Ribbon attached and a drug-free message attached to the ribbon. In December, the club joined together to promote collecting donated gifts for CASA, and collected over 70 gifts and clothing for the St. Pete CASA location.

What are your future goals as a LiveFree! Club?
Increase their knowledge and awareness and focus more on the positives, and what percentage of students are NOT doing drugs or alcohol. They will be studying up on the new fliers and handouts, and split into teams of 4 to a topic, and will present and educate the other students in the club on the topic they vow to become an “expert” about. Teams have already been formed for the presentations. New recruitment efforts will go out and membership is expected to expand and include additional students.

“We are the LiveFree! Club from Largo Middle School. We joined with CASA in helping abused kids and their mothers,(so they would have a better Christmas). Almost every member brought in a new item to donate to the shelter. We want to be hands on with different organizations, and we would like to make a difference in our community!”  -Milany S. and Jennifer C. – 8th grade students at Largo Middle.

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