Hurricane Season: Get Your Family Plan Together

Be prepared as hurricane season begins this year.

In our area, it’s especially important to have a family plan for hurricane preparedness. Parents, teens, younger kids and seniors should be on the same page when it comes to evacuation schedules, safe areas to stay and the family’s plan for disaster. Try these tips to keep your family plan organized in case of emergency.

Coordinate everyone’s paperwork together
Whether you have to evacuate or your home is damaged by wind or water, it’s important to have all of your paperwork in order. Keep copies of medical prescriptions, drivers licenses, insurance cards and contact information in a safe place that can be easily transported. A waterproof container is ideal. Make sure you have hard copies of information you’d normally access online or on your phone, such as contact info for local emergency management centers, shelters, news organizations and hospitals.

Come up with a family contact and communication plan
The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) recommends coordinating a family communication plan. Teach all adults how to use texting in case of emergency. Make sure every family member has a contact information card on hand. Kids should keep them in book bags. Everyone with a cell phone should have an in case of emergency (or “ICE”) contact in his or her phone.

Prepare a family hurricane kit
FEMA suggests that families have food, water and supplies for at least 72 hours of use. Learn more about how to put together an emergency and disaster kit. Remember, your kit should be customized to your family’s needs, whether you have individuals with special medical or dietary needs, or age-related issues with seniors or infants. Don’t forget to pack for pets if applicable.

Learn more about hurricane preparedness in Pinellas County.

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