Positive Parenting: What Does It Mean?

Find out how parenting can influence whether or not a teen abuses drugs.

Positive parenting is a movement geared toward helping parents connect with their kids from an early age. It’s believed that a good relationship between children and parents can help influence a child’s behavior during the teen years and early adulthood, specifically related to drugs and alcohol. Learn what positive parenting means and how you can become one.

Positive parenting means being encouraging
Instead of focusing solely on the negative behaviors you’d like to avoid, such as trouble in school or alcohol use, focus on reinforcing positive behavior. Encourage your teen every day. Notice the ways she excels and make sure she knows you’re proud. Offer positive activities, such as encouraging volunteering and hanging out with siblings.

Positive parenting means knowing how to navigate conflict
You’ll have conflicts with your teen at times. The key is knowing how to work through them as peacefully as possible. The National Institute on Drug Abuse recommends focusing on solutions rather than problems, thinking through possible outcomes of behavior, and developing communication skills.

Positive parenting means monitoring your teen
It may sound stifling, but it’s important for you to know where your teen is and who he is hanging out with. The last thing you want to do is give your teen free rein to hang out with peers without supervision. Be a part of your child's life and ask questions. Set reasonable limits and follow through with consequences in a calm manner.

Talk about drug and alcohol abuse
When it comes abusing drugs and alcohol, talk to your teen using these positive parenting guidelines. Be honest and open and be available for questions. Try to avoid coming across aggressive or condescending. Parenting a teen is rough, but you can do it positively and you’ll both benefit from doing so.

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