Learning to Ignore Pop Culture Drug References

Enjoy pop culture without embracing drug culture.

Ever turned on the radio? If you have, chances are you’ve heard a thinly veiled or totally obvious reference to drug use. A study by Rehab Today showed that 33% of the popular songs on the Billboard charts referenced drug use. Most of those songs talked about drugs in a positive way. At the time of the study, only four songs were anti-drug.

Drug culture is everywhere
Pop culture drug references aren’t limited to pop music. They extend to movies, television and magazines. You may also catch drug references online from your friends and celebrities you follow on social networks. With so many messages that drugs are okay or even cool, how do you tune out?

First, get real
Think about the version of life you hear about on the radio. Everything is larger than life, glitzy and glamorous. This isn’t the everyday life of a teenager. No one sings songs about how abusing drugs and alcohol lead to failing grades, failed relationships and a host of other problems. Pop culture is a fun distraction, but it’s not an indicator of how life really works.

Get the facts
If you’re curious about what drugs do, look at the facts. Find out what the real health risks are in addition to social repercussions. There’s nothing fun about damage to your body, serious risk of injury or death.

Find alternatives
If you want excitement in your life, there are better ways to get it than drug use. GirlsHealth.gov suggests finding cool activities that make you feel independent, help you bond with your friends or take your mind off your worries. Get into a hobby, try a challenging sport or check out a concert. Just remember that what you hear in the songs doesn’t have to change the healthy way you life.

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